Assistant Teacher Job Circular 2023

Assistant teacher job circular 2023. Great news- the assistant teacher job circular 2023 has been published. Jobs circular for the assistant teacher post is a very attractive post for many job seekers. A new job circular has published in the Kaler Kantho newspaper for the post of Assistant Teacher. The job circular has published on 14th February, 2023. This jobs circular is from the end of Cantonment Public School and College, Gazipur. Almost every unemployed person wants to get a good job. They also want a handsome salary with other benefits. When the job circular is published the job seekers become so much happy.

assistant teacher jobs

This Assistant teacher job is also an attractive job. We are here to help you for the job information update. You will get here the update information not for this assistant teacher job only but also you will get other job information also. We provide all the job information like job circular, job application procedure, application starting date and application end date, job education qualification in

Assistant Teacher Job Circular 2023 

If anyone is eager to apply for the job, he or she can submit his or her job  application by 18 July 2023. The job circular for the Cantonment public school & college is also in an image file so it is easy for everyone to download or read easily the job circular. The Cantonment Public School and College Job Circular details are here.

  • Job title: See the Image file.
  • Educational qualification: Please See The Job Circular.
  • Employment type: Please See The Job Circular.
  • Compensation and Benefit: Please See The Job Circular.
  • Age limit: Please See The Job Circular.
  • Source: online
  • Publishes on: 25 November, 2023
  • Application deadline: 10 December, 2023

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Assistant Teacher Job Vacancy

In fact, Ministry of Education is the apex policy making institution of the Government regarding administration and development of post-primary education sector. Besides, Ministry of Education formulates policies and programs for the development of post-primary to higher education including Madrasah, Technical and Vocational education. Likewise, tt also formulates laws, rules and regulations for the management and administration of post-primary education sector and its institutions of the country.

Assistant Teacher Salaries

Assistant teacher salaries in Bangladesh. Moreover, there are several attached bodies for assistant teacher salaries supervision and management of formal education in post-primary and secondary schools, colleges, madrasahs, technical schools and colleges, polytechnic institutes, engineering colleges and universities. In total, there are about 40337 post primary secondary schools/colleges/madrasahs and 37 public and 96 private universities too. More about education ministry……

Assistant Teacher Jobs

Assistant teacher jobs in Bangladesh. The focus of the Government on Education is in assistant teacher jobs facilities enhancement. In order to focus of the government on education as enunciated in different Policies and Five Year Plan Documents are: Provide value based education Emphasize on job-oriented and need-based education Modernization of curriculum Ensure efficient management at all levels Strengthen the Information and Communication Technology Ensure teacher effectiveness at all levels Revitalize technical and vocational education Ensure gender parity at all levels of education General objectives of Education so that they can inspire and create enthusiasm among the learners in their thoughts, deeds and daily life to establish moral, humanitarian, religious, cultural and social values in personal as well as in national life.

Teaching Jobs in Bangladesh

Teaching jobs in Bangladesh is very attractive job for the candidates. Developing awareness in teaching jobs in Bangladesh, the learners to protect the independence, sovereignty and integrity of Bangladesh. To make education pragmatic, productive and creative with a view to bringing about changes in the socio-economic conditions of the country and making the students into a dutiful and responsible manpower with scientific outlook and help them develop the qualities of leadership. In order to giving special emphasis on primary and secondary education with a view to expanding education, to instill respect and eagerness for physical labour and enable the learners acquire vocational education for self-employment in all stages of education.

Assistant Teacher job Circular Application

With a view to assistant teacher application promoting fraternity, moral values, generosity and fellow-feeling in people and make them respectful of human rights. Assistant teacher application To promote democratic values through fostering tolerance of one another’s views and help develop life-oriented, realistic and positive attitude for blossoming democratic awareness. For ensuring proper quality at every level of education; to strengthen and widen the knowledge, skills and attitude acquired in the previous stage (in accordance with various aims and objectives of education): to enable acquisition of new knowledge and skills and to encourage people to contribute in the system of education, especially in the field of education.

So let’s apply for the job of assistant teacher before the deadline. Because if you don’t apply before the last date of application against the circular you may not get chance again for this. So apply before the deadline.